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July 2 – 31, 2019

Artists' Television Access

922 Valencia St. San Francisco

Opening Reception:

Tuesday, July 2nd, 7-10pm

Photographs by Thomas Tran & Anya Kamenskaya

In your skin is where you start.

In your skin is an outward expression of an inner longing for closeness.

In your skin we knit the surface of the city with what goes on behind its doors.

In your skin is where we meet.


Thomas resides in San Francisco and his work is displayed on the North wall. His use of ambiguous imagery to pinpoint a fleeting mood, collides into strands of connected thought. From here to there and there to here, the human presence can be felt throughout his photographs.  


Anya is an Oakland based artist and her work is displayed on the West and South walls. Here, reclaimed peel-apart polaroid negatives become portals through which we can fall into that dream state where an image can be instantly familiar, yet wholly unrecognizable.


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Many thanks to everyone at the Artists’ Television Access for supporting this exhibit, and to Yelena Soboleva and Mark Wilson for assisting with installation.


Thomas Tran // // 509.951.0307

Redstone Building – 2926 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103